You are planning the biggest day of your life…where do you begin?

Wedding at Ringling Cadzan Mansion

Everywhere you turn there are tips on what to do when planning a wedding…

…here are a few tips on what you should not do while planning your big day.

Never book a venue without seeing it.  The only exception to this is if you live far away, and have a wedding planner who is doing the scouting for you.


Never  work with any  vendor without a contract.   Ever.  Contracts put everyone’s promises and obligations on paper.


Never be afraid to ask questions of your vendors. If you have concerns, ask while changes can still be made to avoid something you will regret on your wedding day.


Never take your family and friends for granted. “But it’s my wedding” gets very old, very fast.


Never believe anything you see on the television wedding shows.  Ever.


Never forget what you are really planning …your wedding, which is the birth of your marriage.


Never include registry information with your invitation.  Times may have changed and some etiquette rules can be bent. This is not one of them! The best way to get the message across is by word of mouth and your wedding website.


Never choose a photographer with only your budget in mind.  After the party is over, this is all you have left.   I cannot stress enough how important proper documentation of the wedding is.   Good pictures will bring back amazing memories, and bad ones will bring back nothing.


Never try to micromanage your day while wearing the gown.  The day will be will go by much faster, and harder, if you are both the star, and the director.  Enjoy your day.  Let your mom enjoy your day.  Hire help.


Never lose sight of the fact that you will have many guests at your wedding with different tastes and likes.  As a host, it is your job to make it enjoyable and comfortable.  Keep this in mind when it comes to location, design, and food.


Never forget about your fiancé.  Doesn’t sound like something you would expect yourself to do, but many of brides surprise themselves. You’re not just having a party, you’re getting married.  Put aside the to-do lists and talk to each other. Talk about your life together…anything but flowers and appetizers, please

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