Choreographing a Memorable Wedding Proposal

Choreographing a Memorable Wedding Proposal

Marriage proposal planner in Sarasota

Are you preparing to ask that special someone the big question?


A marriage proposal should be a very special and memorable occasion for you as a couple and should not be trivialized.  You’re basically asking someone what he, or she, is doing for the rest of their life, not what they are doing for dinner tonight.


Special occasions call for special gestures and proposing marriage is certainly one of those times. There’s everything from simple romantic dinners to billboards.


And because the proposal is one component of the wedding arrangements the man has complete control over, this is his opportunity to create a memory that she will still be talking about many years later.  We invite you to read our list of tips that will ensure your proposal goes down in history for what it was – rather than for what it was not.
As always, if you need assistance along the way, Choreographed Events can help you pop the question in style…your style.  Whether it’s an intimate setting for two, or an over-the-top-experience, it will guarantee a great story to share with friends and family.  We would love helping to design, plan and deliver the perfect proposal.


1. Be certain she shares your feelings.
Have the marriage talk with your significant other before popping the question out of the blue. Be certain that she shares your feelings and wants to take your hand in such a commitment. Many men do not discuss marriage openly in favor a more surprise approach. In this day and age such a strategy can be extremely risky. Make sure you are quite certain what her answer will be before rushing out to buy that ring. Otherwise you are increasing the chances of breaking your heart and your bank account!


2. Ask her family’s permission.
It has long been tradition to ask the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. It is still respectful to ask parents for permission to marry their daughter. It is greatly appreciated, even in these modern times and among the quickest ways to stay in a family’s good books.


3. Find the perfect engagement ring.
There are several tips to remember to ensure you get a ring she loves. Do casual window-shopping if she is picky about her jewelry. Even let her pick it out if she is that aware of your imminent proposal. If you want it to be more of a surprise, talk to her friends and family to find out what she likes and her ring size. Also, pay attention to how she reacts to seeing the engagement rings of friends for the first time.


4. Choose the perfect marriage proposal location.
Do not make it a dead giveaway that she will see coming a mile away. Choose a location that embraces her personality. Most women will treasure creativity, sentimentality and personal thought.


5. Spell out your heartfelt reasons.
Make your proposal more than just a simple question. Tell her exactly what being her husband means to you. Lead into the proposal with kind, loving words that touch upon your time together your hopes are for the future. This will demonstrate your sincere love for her the level of thought that you put into planning the special moment. Do not be afraid to get a little mushy. She will love it.


Asking another person to join you on the adventure, that is the rest of your life, is not an easy task on the best of days. Remember to be yourself and speak from the heart.


Best of luck and best wishes!

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