First Dance Song Tips and Ideas

First Dance Song Tips and Ideas

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A large number of my couples stress over which song to select for their first dance. They all have a favorite but are afraid that it’s inappropriate because it’s not traditional.   Obviously a classic like Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” is a great choice for your first dance but if your style leans more toward The Rolling Stones, than Old Blue Eyes, then your music should express that.

Selecting your first wedding dance song is not an easy task!   Your first dance together as husband and wife should bring to mind wonderful memories of the shared moments dancing to your special song.   Don’t allow anyone to tell you not to dance to a specific song. The only thing that really matters is that YOU both love the song.  If you both love it, dance to it!


I’ve had brides, and grooms, tell me they were told they shouldn’t dance to a song they had selected because it was too fast, too slow, too modern blah blah blah.  I spent years as a choreographer and I can honestly say that most music is danceable!   Some songs may be easier to dance to than others but it’s important that you dance to the song you want.  And if your song requires a few dance lessons to pull it together just go for it.  After all, whose wedding is it anyway?


What if you don’t share a special song yet?


Here are a few questions to help inspire some ideas: Was there a song playing on your first date? What was the first song that you danced together to? Was there a song playing in the background when he proposed? How about the first time you kissed? Was a song playing the first time you said “I love you”?

Fun Wedding Tip: In addition to your first dance song, select a couple other favorite songs as well. Make a plan that when you hear those songs play during the reception, no matter what you are doing, you both will meet on the dance floor as soon as the song begins to play.



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