Your wedding is not just a reflection of you, it is you!

Walking into your wedding should feel like stepping into an experience of who you are.


“I love working with couples who are confident, daring, and know who they are; Those who are willing to ignore trends and create something unique, and reflective of their personalities.” – Maria

Our events are anything but off-the-shelf! From a small intimate wedding, to a lavish black-tie affair, our weddings reflect the styles and personalities of each couple.

“I don’t want to plan my version of your wedding … I want to plan YOUR version of your wedding.” – Maria

Remember, every show needs a director … you and your fiance are the stars of your show, and your guests are there to celebrate you!

“I pride myself on the level of service I give to my clients. I have a One Weekend/One Wedding policy in order to completely focus on you, and your event. I never have multiple events happening” – Maria