Wedding Planning and the After Party

Wedding Planning and the After Party

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Any couple will tell you that weddings are a balancing act… they require enough correctness to keep the family happy, but enough fun to keep your friends engaged until the wee hours. For those who want both, it’s about having an after-hours game plan.  It isn’t just a way to prolong your wedding day (and you will appreciate every extra minute) — consider it another chance to wow your guests with surprising details and personal touches.

Afterglow events are becoming a part of the standard itinerary.  The after-party should have a high energy nightclub atmosphere. It’s about revving up … not coming down in chill-out lounge mode.

Choose a Convenient Spot!

You’ll hear lots of compliments and praise from your friends and family throughout your wedding reception, so use the after-party to show guests how much you appreciate them. When you choose your after-party venue, remember what matters most is location, location, location. Make sure the after-party is somewhere that’s convenient to the reception. If you’re having your wedding reception in a hotel ballroom, check if you can rent a smaller room in the same hotel to host your party.

The first rule of crafting the right vibe is to create an element of surprise with a great reveal. When you unveil a fabulous nightclub setup it will excite everyone and give them a blast of new energy.   You can introduce new drinks and food and change up the entertainment—if you had a full band during the wedding reception add another dimension to the overall experience, have a DJ for the after-party.  And keep in mind that not all of your guests will make the move to the after-party. It will be a smaller group of true die-hard partiers, so plan accordingly and have fun!

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