Wedding Planning Inspirations

Wedding Planning Inspirations

Waterfront ceremony at The Field Club Sarasota


Below is an interview from Sarasota Magazine.


1) What aspect of weddings do you have the most fun planning? 

I love all aspects of planning a wedding.  If I had to choose one it would be transforming  a beautiful venue into an ethereal setting based on the vision of my clients.


2) What are some of your inspirations while helping plan weddings? How do these inspirations influence the decor? 

A lot of my inspiration comes from my clients.  No two couples are the same, nor should their weddings be.   I love being able to create original, and inspired, events that really represent the couple, no cookie cutter weddings!


3) What are your responsibilities as a planner during the day of the wedding? 

Through the planning process I am the producer…on the day of the wedding I become the director and oversee each and every detail.  A wedding is like live theater … you have no chance for a retake.  My day starts very early fielding phone calls, overseeing deliveries, setup, and then working behind the scenes to make everything appear as if it fell into place by itself.


4) What are some of your favorite moments at a wedding?                                                                                        

I love the expression on the couple’s faces when they see the space, completely transformed, for the first time.  I love a great party and to watch all the hard work come to fruition, throughout the event, creates many ‘ best ‘ moments for me.


5) As a planner, how does it feel to see everything come together in the end? 

Being able to see the couple’s vision come to life, beyond their expectations, is tremendously fulfilling.  As are the wonderful relationships I develop with the bride, groom, and their families. 

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