Weddings at the Charles Ringling Mansion

Weddings at the Charles Ringling Mansion

Charles Ringling Mansion. . . situated in all its grandeur on beautiful Sarasota Bay


A wedding at the Charles Ringling Mansion will satiate your urge for a luxury wedding location in Sarasota.

Charles Ringling Mansion Wedding

Dinner in the Living Room

The Charles Ringling Mansion, formerly the home of Charles and Edith Ringling, is one of Sarasota’s elegant and historic bayfront mansions. The home, also known as College Hall, is now part of New College.


Weddings at College Hall Sarasota

With over 800 feet of bayfront it offers incredible sunsets over Sarasota Bay

Charles and Edith Ringling built their marble mansion in 1925 on forty acres.  They had selected coral-colored marble for the façade and sea foam for the walls and paneling. Characterized by intricate and beautiful design, the elegant curving staircase, crystal chandeliers and rose garden will appeal to even the most discriminating of tastes.  Additionally, the exquisite sunset will add to the mood with the ultimate in ambiance.



Weddings at Charles Ringling Mansion

Dinner in the Solarium


With over 800 feet of bayfront, the Charles Ringling Mansion is just north of his brother John Ringling’s Cà d’Zan Mansion and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

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